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Typical Ekki Wood Applications

  • Constructions for the marine environment. If hardwood timber piles are required, consider using BASRALOCUS piles.
  • Hydraulic works
  • Fender systems and rubbing timbers
  • Bridge decks, piers, platforms, walkways, promenades, boardwalks
  • Foot/pedestrian bridges and bridge component
  • Lock gates, weirs and stop-lock timbers
  • Marine floats and finger docks
  • Work-boat, barge and work platform decking
  • Work decks and fenders of marine oil and gas drilling platforms
  • Excavator mats, swamp mats, crane mats, shoring timbers and caissons
  • Mine timbers, shaft guides
  • Blocking and lagging
  • Public park and streetscape furnishings, and retaining walls
  • Railway ties, switch ties, blocks and level crossing timbers
  • Livestock pens
  • Any other exterior heavy duty application

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