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Fastening Ekki Wood

Because of its great hardness and density, EKKI hardwood cannot be nailed or spiked without pre-drilling. For applications when it is known that disassembly will never be required, nails or spikes may be used for fastening. However, if ever there is a need for disassembly, damage will likely result to the wood when attempting to separate nailed or spiked members.

Generally, the use of nails and spikes for fastening EKKI hardwood is not recommended. EKKI hardwood has an extremely long service life and pieces can frequently be reused after disassembly. If disassembly of the work is ever required for any reason, it is obviously cost-effective to disassemble without causing damage with the view of re-using the materials. It is therefore recommended to fasten EKKI members with screws, lag screws or bolts. This way both the EKKI hardwood pieces and the fasteners may be reused, minimizing waste and cost.

It should be noted that, unlike treated softwood, there is no requirement for field treatment of holes drilled for fasteners in EKKI hardwood.The use of EKKI hardwood eliminates this messy job and saves time and materials.


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