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Ekki Wood Availability

Unlike softwood lumber there are no stockpiles of standard dimension EKKI lumber. EKKI hardwood products are custom prepared to client specifications. No EKKI wood is milled until orders are received. This means that EKKI hardwood dimensions may be optimized for any application and all waste is eliminated!

Lengths up to 12 meter (40'), and longer are available.

Timbers up to 30cm X 30cm are typically delivered defect free, free of sapwood and no center of heart. Larger timbers are delivered as "boxed heart" in which the center of the heart is contained within the four sides of the timber.

Very large timbers are made by lamination. Laminated beams may be pre-stressed to take on a pre-determined curvilinear shape as for example those used for arch bridges.

For most applications the preferred minimum thickness is 35mm, as for example grooved decking. Inquire about EKKI wood in thinner section.

Delivery depends on size of order, machining requirements and destination.



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