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Machining EKKI hardwood

EKKI hardwood is generally sawn with band saws, creating a relatively smooth surface referred to as “smooth sawn”. For applications such as fenders or rubbing timbers, structural timbers, bridge decking etc this finish is usually satisfactory. Typical sawing tolerances are +/- 2 mm. If tighter tolerances are required, EKKI hardwood may be planed smooth to a typical tolerance of +/- 1 mm.

Beyond sawing, EKKI hardwood may be further machined as required. We perform planing, precision trimming to length, profiling such as tongue/groove, anti-slip surface grooving, chamfering, beveling, drilling, notching, countersinking, and other shaping. Machined surfaces on EKKI hardwood are clean and smooth.

Send us sketches of your machining requirements.

Cross cutting of EKKI timber in the field can be done easily. However, when possible and to minimize waste and labour, we recommend to specify EKKI hardwood materials in the required final lengths.

Rip sawing of large dimension EKKI timber in the field is not recommended.

EKKI hardwood may be drilled easily and cleanly in the field. Be sure to use sharp high quality, high strength drills. A dull tool cannot be forced through EKKI hardwood.

Unlike softwood EKKI hardwood requires no preservative treatment. Therefore, the whole messy business of re-treatment of field cuts is eliminated with the use of EKKI hardwood. This saves time, labour and materials.


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